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My passion is building simple, beautiful user experiences. Check out my projects below.

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"Guwahati, India"

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["gaming", "designing", "blogging", "fiction novels", "advaita"]

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"BTech. Civil Engineering - Tezpur University, Assam, India"

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["Sass", "JavaScript", "Ruby", "Rails", "React", "Redux", "Git", "Jira"]



Space Survivor

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In this game, you play as a spaceship and your primary objective is to survive the army of war gunships. Just like in real life, you get one shot at this. This is an endless war so you have the opportunity to fight as long as you keep yourself alive.... Dodging the incoming fire, you get the ability to shoot down as many enemies as you can. The player's score will increase by 10 points every time he destroys an enemy. The game is over when the player gets shot or collides with an enemy.

HTML5 Phaser 3 Javascript Webpack Jest

Weather App

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This website was built with JavaScript, webpack and a weather API. This is a weather app that shows temperatures (current, min, max) by city name. The city name ...is obtained from form input. This app consumes OpenWeather API in the JSON format to show weather data. Users can toggle the temperature unit between °C and °F.

HTML5 CSS3 Javascript Webpack Bootstrap

Hospital Finder

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Hospital Finder is a website-template that helps you to search and find hospitals in a region. The search can be filtered using various options and further information on the hospitals can be obtained by ...selecting any search result. This project demonstrates the use of bootstrap and Sass to create a simple landmark finding website.

HTML5 CSS3 Sass Bootstrap

Games Info

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Games Info is a PC games blog where users can write reviews or summaries about their favorite games. This web application allows users to sign up with their user name and email. Every ...logged-in user can create a new article. He has the ability to vote on his as well as other users' articles. This project demonstrates the use of Ruby on Rails to create an article creation website.

Ruby Ruby on Rails Sass Bootstrap PostgreSQL

Social Media App

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Social Media is a website where users can connect with each other. A user can send and receive friend requests from other users. Users can see the posts created by their friends on their timeline. They ...can like it as well as comment on it. Users can also see their pending friend requests and choose to decline the invitation.

Ruby Ruby on Rails Sass Bootstrap PostgreSQL

Newsweek Clone

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This project is a clone of the popular website Newsweek. This clone is responsive across multiple devices.... The use of relative and fixed positions as well as CSS grids has been used predominantly throughout the project. Bootstrap has been used in the design of navbars and footers.

HTML5 CSS3 Bootstrap